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Book, Music, & Lyrics by Jonathan Larson



Directed by Katlyn Snader

Assistant Directed by Heather Booth

Music Directed by Joey O’Reilly

Choreographed by Danny Vanegas

Intimacy Directed by Mandy Rausch

Technical Direction by Daniel Mirsky

Stage Managed by Kyley Woods

Set Design by Sean Willard

Costume Design by Tina Sanchez

Lighting Design by Ben Loub


RENT is intended for Mature Audiences, and LCT will not cast anyone who is under the age of 18-years-old as of the time of Auditions. 

Intimacy and Violence will be handled and choreographed with trained professionals in intimacy and fight choreography. A comprehensive Audition Disclosure Form will be available in advance of and at auditions, but please be aware of the following content warnings: strong language (including profanity and explicit lyrics), sexual content, drug use and abuse (specifically references to and potentially stylized depictions of intravenous drug use), HIV/AIDS, and death/loss. 

Please contact the Director at or the Intimacy Director at if you have questions or concerns prior to auditions.


May 20 & 21, 2024


Lakeside Community Theatre - 6303 Main Street, The Colony, TX 75056

To sign up for an Audition Slot:  

For your Audition: Please prepare 16-32 bars (30 seconds-1 minute) of a musical theatre song or song in the style of the show. Please bring either sheet music or a backing track. An accompanist and bluetooth speaker will be provided. (If using a backing track, please have your music cued up to where your audition selection will begin.) No acapella auditions, please! 


Please bring a Headshot and Resume, if available.


CALLBACKS: May 22, 2024 at Lakeside Community Theatre. (By invitation ONLY. Auditioners are asked to wear comfortable clothes they can move in for the Dance call.)



Rehearsal Calendar. This calendar will also be available at Auditions.


Generally speaking, rehearsals will begin Monday June 3, 2024 and are scheduled Monday-Thursday 7:30-10:00pm, with added Fridays closer to Tech Week.

There will be no rehearsal on July 4th or 5th.

TECH WEEK: Sunday July 28th-August 1st


Friday August 2 at 8pm

Saturday August 3 at 8pm

Friday August 9 at 8pm

Saturday August 10 at 8pm

Friday August 16 at 8pm

Saturday August 17 at 8pm

Friday August 23 at 8pm

Saturday August 24 at 8pm

Actors are required to attend Strike directly after the closing performance on Saturday August 24, 2024.

Actors will receive a small stipend.



*Note: Genders listed for characters are how the roles are typically presented in the script. LCT encourages you to audition for the role(s) you are most comfortable presenting onstage.


Roger Davis

A musician/singer-songwriter who is a recovering drug addict living with HIV, Roger has mourned members of his community and is grieving the loss of his deceased former girlfriend. Roger longs for connection and meaning through his music. He is roommates with Mark in an abandoned loft space. He is reminiscent of a young Kurt Cobain and/or Lenny Kravitz in his musical styling.

*Note: Guitar skills desired, but not required.

Gender: Male | Ethnicity: Any | Age: 20-30

Vocal range top: A4 | Vocal range bottom: F2


Mark Cohen

A filmmaker and video artist who constantly seeks validation, Mark connects deeply with his roommate Roger and longs for the days when his group of friends were closer. In his struggles to find his place in the world, he often finds himself on the outside looking in. Mark comes from privilege but desires to understand his responsibility to himself and his community. His musical sound is akin to that of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sting of Police, and/or Bono of U2.  

Gender: Male | Ethnicity: Any | Age: 20-30

Vocal range top: G4 | Vocal range bottom: A2


Tom Collins

A professor of technology at NYU that is grounded in anarchy and liberation, Tom Collins is a man who is smart, caring, and the backbone of his friend group. His chosen family is lifted by his positive and nurturing spirit. His warmth and empathic presence allows him to invite his friends to examine personal accountability. Tom used to be a roommate in the loft with Mark and Roger. He is also living with HIV.  Musically speaking, Tom’s voice is rooted in gospel and soul genres - think Sam Cooke, Barry White, and/or Issac Hayes.  

Gender: Male | Ethnicity: Black | Age: 25-35

Vocal range top: A4 | Vocal range bottom: F#2


Benjamin Coffin III

A former roommate of Mark and Roger, and their current landlord, Benny struggles to find connection with his former chosen family. He is constantly battling being a friend while pleasing his new in-laws. In spite of being seen as a sell-out, Benny longs to know who he is and where he fits in his community.  Musically Benny has a freedom to his voice similar to Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and/or Lionel Richie.  

Gender: Male | Ethnicity: Black/BIPOC | Age: 25-35

Vocal range top: F#4 | Vocal range bottom: Bb2


Joanne Jefferson

A public interest lawyer who always fights for the underdog, Joanne comes from a conservative, upper-class black family. She is smart, purposeful, and grounded. She is dating Maureen Johnson. Joanne’s connection to Maureen brings her into an established chosen family where she discovers the power of being celebrated in your own community.  Joanne has a grounded and soulful voice filled with experience and action ala Tracy Chapman, Anita Baker, and/or Mavis Staples.  

Gender: Female | Ethnicity: Black | Age: 25 to 40

Vocal range top: E5 | Vocal range bottom: G3


Angel Dumott Schunard

A vibrant street musician who radiates light! Angel moves through the world as a gender non-conforming human who is also living with HIV. Angel has an incredible spirit with a gift for inspiring human connection all while being a street fashion icon. Angel is magnetic and rooted in living for the moment. Angel meets and swiftly becomes Tom Collins’ partner, a connection that brings Angel into the chosen family group. Angel is the heart of the piece. Angel’s musicality is rooted in their connection and love for rhythm, movement and storytelling. Angel’s artistry is akin to the artistic qualities of Prince, a young RuPaul, and/or Grace Jones.  

Gender: Non-conforming | Ethnicity: Black/BIPOC | Age: 20 to 30

Vocal range top: A4 | Vocal range bottom: C3


Mimi Marquez

An exotic dancer, Mimi is a woman determined to live in the moment. She is a drug addict who is living with HIV. She is a young woman on a journey to find who she is and what she is fighting for, but her addiction and intentions are often at odds. Living in the same building as Roger and Mark, Mimi meets the friend group through her unexpected romantic connection to Roger and is forever changed by this chosen family. Her voice is rooted firmly in expression of spirit similar to that of Selena, and/or a young Paula Abdul. 

Gender: Female | Ethnicity: Latinx | Age: 18 to 21

Vocal range top: E5 | Vocal range bottom: Eb3


Maureen Johnson

A performance artist who is constantly raging and ready to fight. Maureen is full of wellintended passion and anarchist energies of which she pours into her art no matter the medium. She’s a former roommate of Roger, Mark, Collins and Benny. She completes the chosen family rounding out the space with intoxicating energy dripping with sexualized vigor. Maureen is queer and openly dating Joanne after recently breaking up with Mark. Bursting with confidence and a vivacious spirit, Maureen navigates how to be a less self-centered human that is accountable for their actions. She has a blue-eyed soul grit to her voice which is also balanced with an iconic artistic flair, think a mixture of Janis Joplin, Ani Difranco and Sinead O’Connor.   

Gender: Female | Ethnicity: Any | Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range top: F5 | Vocal range bottom: C4



The following breakdown is the standard doubling for the Ensemble of Rent. These roles may be subject-to-change based on the needs of the production, and additional Ensemble roles may be added. 

Gender: Any | Ethnicity: All | Age: 18-60

Vocal range: Various


Person #1 

This track is proposed to play multiple people including Alexi Darling, Mrs. Davis (Roger’s mother) and Sue.


Person  #2 

This track is proposed to play multiple people including Mrs. Cohen (Mark’s mother) and Pam. 


Person #3  

This track is proposed to play multiple people including Mrs. Jefferson (Joanne’s mother), Woman with Bags, Coat Vendor, Mimi's Mother, Ali, and Seasons of Love Soloist. 


Person  #4 

This track is proposed to play multiple people including Steve, Waiter, and Squeegee Man.


Person #5 

This track is proposed to play multiple people including Gordon, The Man, and Mr. Grey


Person #6 

This track is proposed to play multiple people including Paul, Cop, and Vendor.  


Person #7

This track is proposed to play multiple people including Mr. Jefferson (Joanne’s father), Christmas Caroler, Preacher, and Seasons of Love Soloist.

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