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Who we are, what we believe, and what we do......

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Our History

Lakeside Community Theatre (LCT) is a community theatre company based in The Colony, Texas. LCT is an amateur group (members are not paid for their services), and we believe that a vital part of our reason for existence is the active engagement of the community in what we do.  The creation of new arts practitioners and consumers is a critical measure of both our relevance and our success in the The Colony Community.  Open access is our main community value.


LCT is a welcoming organization that is about providing access to and encouraging active participation in the arts.  It is about creating ongoing and developing relationships between people.  It is about fostering a sense of identification with and belonging to the local community through nurturing the growth of the individual in a supportive team environment.  LCT seeks to optimize the use of everyone’s talents.

LCT is adventurous – it is not just ‘another’ theatre doing ‘the same old thing’.  Its programming includes the ‘new’ as well as the ‘traditional’.  LCT deliberately extends itself by tackling scripts that are imaginative and original. LCT encourages new directors, new actors, and new production team members that accept risk.


​In the spring of 1985, The Lakeside Players were formed by a goup of local thespians. The very first production, You Can’t Take It With You, was performed at a local church in The Colony. The church donated space for several productions including a 1986 production of Butterflies are Free and Bus Stop performed in 1987.

Lakeside Players performed melodramas at the The Colony’s annual Sail Fair which inlcluded a production in 1990 of Curse You Jack Dalton. In 1992 Lakeside Players presented a Sail Fair melodrama, The Gold-Dust Twins. In 1992, due to a lack of an appropriate and affordable performance facility, the group went dormant.

Five years later in 1997, the theatre group was revived and the organization was incorporated as Lakeside Community Theatre. However due to a lack of a suitable location to perform, the revival was unsuccessful.

Lakeside Community Theatre was reorganized in 2001 and this time was able to acquire a location to perform which was in the Colony’s previous library building. Lakeside Community Theatre was eventually relocated from the previous library building to what is now The Lakeside Arts Center. All performances and rehearsals are currently held in this building.

The teamwork and spirit that has developed between our members speaks for itself, as does the frequent and positive feedback we receive from our loyal audience. LCT attracts members of all ages – from school age to retirees, and new members are always welcome.  Membership is open to everyone and LCT strives to provide its members with the opportunity and scope to become involved in whatever aspect of theatre is of interest to them.  LCT welcomes people of all skill levels – from the expert to the novice.

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